Hydra 2: improve your photos and make them more amazing

Hydra 2 promises to take the quality of your photos to a higher level by making them amazing.
Some say that photography is an art. It’s a topic that frankly is very subjective, nor does it have general consensus, because for many it’s simply pressing the button on a camera or smartphone and that’s it. On the other hand, for many others it is not quite like that because it requires vision to frame the best angles, brightness, distance, among various details that only professional photographers master.

As such, there is a kind of bi polarization regarding this specific subject of photography (whether it is art or not). With the arrival of smartphones, the ability to take photographs has become something banal or trivial, which naturally takes this discussion to an even more intense level.

Regardless of whether photography is an art or not, it is irrelevant to the millions of camera and smartphone users on a global scale. In fact, what users want is to be able to enjoy the best possible photographic quality.

With the evolution of smartphones, it is natural that photographic sensors and lenses also evolve, but no matter how good the current smartphones are, and we are talking in particular about the iPhone, (the Hydra 2 app is dedicated and it) there are physical limits due to the relatively small sensors. It is true that in bright environments, the iPhone achieves extraordinary photographs, but in low-light environments, smaller sensors cannot absorb enough light and the natural consequence is noisy and unbeautiful photographs.

Pushing the physical limits of the sensor

To overcome these difficulties, Creaceed ‘s Hydra 2 application comes with three main innovative features:

  • An Artificial Intelligence framework for photographic processing in order to significantly improve the quality of photographs.
  • A new camera interface with several features, including automatic or manual capture.
  • A high resolution photo editor.

Enhance photos with Hydra 2 Artificial Intelligence

Taking into account not only the physical limits of the sensors, but other factors inherent to the environment being photographed, the independent computational core of the Hydra app overcomes the physical limits of small sensors, using extreme HDR, noise reduction, macro, sharp 6 to 8x zoom and a high resolution of 110 megapixels.

A camera with a unique experience

At the same time, the Hydra application offers you a highly capable manual mode, which gives you control of all camera settings, such as speed, ISO, a faster capture to reduce artifacts and a new normal capture mode for photos of the day by day. Exposure control and focus are available via touch in auto mode.

Edit your photos without losing quality

Finally, Hydra’s editing tools are the best option to improve photos on the device. The photo editor comes with a wide range of tools, where you can view the before and after of an unprocessed photo, ability to export a photo crop and filter photos by geographic location to share on social media.

Main features

In the App Store description, the Hydra 2 application has the following features:

  • A refined and thoughtfully designed experience for iPhone , iPad and Apple Watch .
  • Computational photography with artificial intelligence (AI). Neural processing and fusion of RAW sensor data.
  • Unique capabilities that leave a DSLR behind: Extreme HRD (20+ stop range) to accommodate lighting conditions, superior detail enhancement and noise reduction for low light and macro, up to 6/8x zoom and immense resolution of 110 megapixels. New normal camera mode.
  • Versatile display: approachable ergonomics, tactile input and sensory feedback (1-stop vibrations). Exposure adjustment with preview, before and after.
  • Manual mode for precise control: focus, ISO, shutter speed and white balance. New advanced priority modes.
  • Multiple capture options: remote control on Apple Watch, timer, flash and selfie, geotagging, grid overlay, etc.
  • Photo style presets (tonal intent, color translation, etc.).
  • Powerful photo editor for non-destructive 32-bit editing, including tone mapping, detail enhancement, accurate colorimetry and Apple ProRAW editing.
  • Side-by-side comparison of pixels with raw RAW input.
  • Full output options in a variety of formats, including professional choices for further processing (JPEG, HEIC, TIFF, TIFF-32, OpenEXR, Radiance, DNG, Apple ProRAW, and JPEG XL) and color spectrums (sRGB, Display P3, and ROMM ProPhoto) .
  • Saving in the Files app (iCloud and third-party apps), including shared folders for professional use.
  • Integrated photo gallery.
  • Optimized for the latest iOS, Metal, CoreML, and Apple’s Neural Engine (ANE) for high-speed machine learning calculations on Apple Silicon.
  • Privacy First: 100% on-device processing and privacy filtering for sharing on social media.

Hydra 2 app price

The Hydra 2 app is free with in-app purchases . On compatible devices, unrestricted captures in normal mode (auto and manual) including RAW and Apple ProRAW are free. Other AI capture modes and other restrictions can be unlocked with a one-time purchase of the Pro Pack or subscription to the Pro Plan. An upgrade price is available within the app for users of the previous version. Prices are as follows:

  • Pro Plan (Annual) – €5.99 (50% off)
  • Pro Plan (Monthly) – €0.99
  • Pro Pack (Lifetime) – €11.99

It is worth it?

In short, the Hydra application is an excellent tool for you if you want to improve and improve the quality of your photos, edit in high resolution and have more control over the camera options. Also, mobile devices generally don’t get any improvements in photo quality after purchasing them, while the Hydra app is constantly updated and lets you experience the latest photographic news.

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