6 Games To Terrify Your Week

With a genre of its own, horror games often make many gamers get scared and feel worse before they go to sleep. Despite the experience of having its “golden age” during releases like Silent Hill, Parasite Eve, and the first Resident Evil, the last generations also have enough ammo to terrify you. We’ve gathered some of them here so that no one misses that classic chill down their spine.

With six games, for the most diverse platforms, prepare the holy water and leave the lights on. Nobody can say we didn’t warn you, because once you start them, nothing else matters. Of course, we also recommend that you use a headset to delve even further into the horrors hidden there. Ready or not, shall we?

The games that strike terror in the soul

6 – Resident Evil VII

I know we had the remake of the second RE in hand, but one of the darkest games in the franchise is Resident Evil VII. In it you are isolated on a farm, with a macabre family hunting you and uncovering mysteries that should have been kept buried. It gets even more tense when it’s under Ethan’s eyes, playing in the first person and experiencing everything in the character’s shoes. As I said, RE2 is excellent, and the Village is also very good, but if you’re looking for horror, go for the seventh.

5 – Ghostwire: Tokyo

Betheda’s PlayStation 5 and PC release is one that will haunt even the bravest of us. With Tokyo dominated by spirits and yokai, you’ll advance through a basically dead city and a gloomy air caused by fog and voices. This is one of those titles that will make you proceed with caution so you don’t have to abruptly turn off the video game and go to bed terrified.

4 – The Quarry

The Quarry is part of the newbie games on our list, just out of the oven for all platforms. In it you are in a camp where a series of deaths begin to occur and every choice you make will matter. With a deep dive into the narrative, it replicates the experience of several horror movies and really doesn’t do it for less. We recommend not playing it on lonely and rainy nights. If lightning strikes, it’s good to be wearing a diaper, go for it.

3 – The Evil Within

The same creator of Ghostwire: Tokyo and the Resident Evil franchise also brought us one of his greatest horror games of the last generations. The Evil Within is macabre, dark and will put you on constant alert for the atrocities that you will come across ahead. As a detective, you’ll jump right into his deranged, deranged mind to unravel a crime and uncover a true series of terrors a human could face. If you are looking for something “sinister”, this is where you will find what you are looking for.

2 – Little Nightmares

Don’t be fooled by the cute design and look like those games for kids. Little Nightmares will take a lot out of your peace and give you several jumps while experiencing the adventure. Even if you just pick it up to challenge yourself with puzzles or simple gameplay, that won’t stop Bandai Namco from trying to scare you and show that no one is safe. It is worth mentioning that both the first and the second are excellent and deserve public attention.

1 – Dying Light

The classic zombie invasion leaves an entire city in quarantine, locked away so none of them can escape. However, with many people alive there, you will have to find a way to save them while an even greater evil is hidden and resurfacing. During the day, that’s what you also see in The Walking Dead: slow, hidden, and not very funny undead. However, it’s when it gets dark that the bug catches on and nothing pays for the experience of feeling it for the first time when you’re playing. At this point, Techland is to be congratulated.

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