5 apps that help you enjoy the sun more safely

With a lot of sun and heat this summer, there are many who take the opportunity to sunbathe. Know 5 apps that help you enjoy the sun, but without neglecting the necessary care.

Getting out of the house and enjoying the sun is part of many people’s routines, especially in summer. As a matter of health, sunbathing is essential for the mental and physical well-being of many. However, too long exposure to the sun and ultraviolet (UV) rays can cause sunburn and even the risk of getting skin cancer, so you need to be extra careful when exposing yourself to the sun.

Obviously, there are many other motives involved in this activity. Finding the right balance between getting too much or too little sun depends on a number of factors such as your age, the region you live in, and your skin type. It is sensible to ask for a medical evaluation and get more individualized instructions about how much time you should be exposed to the sun. In this sense, know 5 applications for your iPhone that help you make the most of the sun, but always with the necessary care.

QSun—Vitamin D & UV Tracker

With this app, you can see the UV index where you are and know what time the sun rises and sets, as well as personalized recommendations for better safety in the sun. By entering your location you receive information about what time of day you are most likely to suffer burns. That way you can know how long you can stay in the sun before exposing yourself to unnecessary risks.

In addition, you can get the UV forecast for seven days and plan your sun protection in advance. You can also receive weather forecasts to know the current weather conditions. With the premium version, you have access to more features such as tracking your vitamin D “intake”, a face analyzer that allows you to give an idea of ​​skin health based on your skin tone, among other details.


SunDay: Vitamin D & UV Tracker

The SunDay: Vitamin D & UV Tracker app is similar to the QSun—Vitamin D & UV Tracker with a few nuances to consider. First, you need to create a profile that includes information about your age and skin type. Then select the type of clothing you are wearing, as the calculations will change depending on the amount of skin covered by the clothing. Finally, take a photo of the sun to give the app’s UV solar scanner more information about the sun’s conditions.

After all the data is entered, the application will display a timer with the recommended amount of time to spend in the sun in order to get vitamin D. The next step shows the amount of time you can stay in the sun before you burn yourself from excess. of exposure. Finally, the application displays the estimated amount of vitamin D produced, as well as the UV index of the day.


REAPPLY: Sunscreen Timekeeper

This is a great app for anyone who is serious about using sunscreen every day, as it sends notifications to apply sunscreen every morning and alerts to reapply throughout the day. By allowing the app access to your location you will have access to the UV index values ​​of your area. If the numbers are too high, you are advised to seek shade.

Whenever you apply sunscreen, tap on the Apply option, and the app will tell you when to apply the sunscreen again. A useful feature for those who spend a lot of time at the beach, for example. The application also has a section that recommends the best sunscreens to cover your body. In this section, it is also possible to buy the recommended protectors online. Finally, there is a selection of articles that answer common questions about how to protect yourself from the sun and what the UV index means.


Sole: Sun UV & Vitamin D Timer

With Sola: Sun UV & Vitamin D Timer you can check the UV exposure index on your iPhone, iPad, and even Apple Watch. The app also includes a timer to use while sunbathing to avoid burns.

You have to take a test to determine your skin type, enter data about your current tan level, your use of sunscreen and its protection factor, and how often you want to turn around while you are in the sun. The application creates a timer based on your data to alert you when it’s time to stop sunbathing.

The Sola: Sun UV & Vitamin D Timer application can be downloaded from the App Store, however, to access any content you must subscribe to an annual subscription worth €1.99 or a one-time purchase of €4.99.

UV Index Widget

Finally, the UV Index Widget application helps you with the current UV index levels in the area where you are. Tap and hold the center of the color wheel to see what time of day UV rays peak in your area. In the Forecast tab, the app predicts the UV indexes for your area on the same day.

In the My Skin tab, you are asked to take a quick test about your skin type. Upon completion, this section tells you how long you can stay in the sun before subjecting yourself to a sunburn. It also offers advice on what type of protection you should use that day. By subscribing to the pro version, you have access to the sun exposure features, as well as the amount of vitamin D collected. On the Places tab, the same subscription allows you to search for UV index information in other parts of the world.

The UV Index Widget – Worldwide app is available for free on the App Store with in-app purchases.

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