Top 5 Games of Early 2024

Until a few years ago, the best games of each year appeared at the end of the year, with the months of September, October and November being religious for gamers. With the COVID-19 pandemic and the postponement of several of them, this schedule has become more spaced out and we now have major releases throughout the year. Although it’s only the beginning of 2022, there are already great games to keep an eye on and we’re going to tell you about five of them that deserve your attention.

Among remasters, sequels, and even titles expected for years, at least one thing is certain: one of them will be your new adventure this year. It may not be now or tomorrow, but you can be sure your hand will itch to pick them up and start an unprecedented journey. Pass a cloth on the controller, recharge your batteries, and prepare your most comfortable place if this list doesn’t leave you in the will of any, nothing that appears in the rest of 2022 will!

Big games at the beginning of the year

5 – Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Okay, even with the graphics disappointing audiences, one thing is for sure in Pokémon Legends: Arceus and it’s fun. With a massive map for you to explore, countless pocket monsters to catch, and an intriguing story, it’s one of the biggest highlights of the Nintendo Switch for this period. Even with Kirby and the Forgotten Land coming around, there’s no way around it. Pikachu appears on the screen and a legion of fans already jump inside. However, if you think that the adventure is just fanservice, you are very wrong, as there is a lot of quality in the material. Are you doubting? The game is now available to buy and test for yourself.

4 – Dying Light 2: Become Human

Among the games we bring you, this one launched yesterday and is already making the biggest noise in the community. Bigger and more intense than its first game, Dying Light 2: Become Human throws you into the future and proves that the zombie hordes have only gotten more dangerous with the passage of time. Add that to the developers’ statements, who claimed that to complete everything you would need 500 hours and it’s an adventure that has no end. Are you going to jump in or are you scared?

3 – Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection

Despite the biggest desire of fans is to have Nathan Drake back on PlayStation 5, Sony and Naughty Dog brought the hero in a remastered version of Uncharted 4 and its sequel, The Lost Legacy. Despite not bringing news to the franchise or a glimpse of what we will have in the next episodes of the series, Legacy of Thieves Collection is an excellent opportunity to try both titles if you haven’t taken advantage of them on PS4. In addition, it has visual improvements and reactions in DualSense.

2 – Windjammers 2

Changing this discussion a little to indie games, we can argue as much as we want, but Windjammers 2 is one of the best games of its kind to come out so far in 2022. With a Street Fighter-like spirit, you can choose one of the frisbee athletes and compete against opponents from all over the world in different arenas with different rules for each. It has great diversity and a replay factor that makes you very addicted and it also has an online multiplayer mode to compete with your friends or people spread across the globe.

1 – Horizon Forbidden West

If you’re willing to wait a few days, on February 18th, Horizon Forbidden West will arrive. Guerrilla Games’ new adventure promises an even bigger world than its predecessor, with greater depth to Aloy’s line of games. It’s undeniable that this is one of the biggest games we’ll have at the beginning of the year, which can even compete for the place with Dying Light 2, but we know the real strength that the giant robots and the exploration of different environments will bring together to impact players.

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