Live Home 3D: build the house of your dreams

We all have an architect or interior decorator within us. We would all like to know how to create our idea on the computer. With Live Home 3D, such a feat is possible.

With just a few steps, you become almost a professional

If you thought you needed to have an architecture course to deal with software capable of designing the house of your dreams, don’t be disappointed. I’m not, of course, saying that you can replace an architect (almost). But that Live Home 3D is a very interesting experience, there it is.

Honestly, I’m not going to tell you that, from one moment to the next, you can master this software . But the fact is that, with some effort, all its features begin to reveal themselves, thanks to the simplicity of its presentation and, of course, an excellent help sidebar and all the explanatory material available on the company’s website .

What is Live Home 3D?

Compatible with iOS, macOS and Windows, Live Home 3D lets you create a home in detail. And when I say “in detail”, I mean all the building materials, furniture, exteriors, and even the regulation of the incidence of sunlight, so that you get an incredible 2D and 3D simulation. But better: you can create amazing videos from the outside and inside of your house, almost looking like those Home Makeover TV shows.

Of course Live Home does this and much more. And I’ll give you here some examples of what this very interesting app can do.

Part of a template or blank sheet

The choice is yours. I recommend starting from a template to familiarize yourself with all the tools. Click on objects, walls, in short, whatever you want, and the sidebar shows you everything you can do. Note that on the right side I always keep the help window always active.

What you see here is already the result of my experiences. The menu gives access to the various construction functions (walls, floor, ceiling, etc.), the space surrounding the house, 2D or 3D representation and the various ways of observing your work: indoors, outdoors house, in plan, in 3D format, etc.

And the most interesting thing is that you can, as you see there, have in two different windows, the plant and the image of how everything is in the house. And you can even interact with everything in one or another window, that is, it’s not just about working on the floor plan and seeing how everything looks in 3D. You can move things around and that is reflected in the blueprint.

Paint the walls and fix the floor

Just like in real life, choose the color of the walls and the type of floor you want to apply in your home.

Choose the color of the walls, click on the one you want and that’s it. Strictly the same for the floor, ceiling, type of wood in the doors, and even much more.

I’m just talking about walls and floors, but Live Home 3D gives you almost limitless possibilities. For example: do you recognize that sofa, side tables and chairs and dining table? I don’t know if I can be here doing big publicity, but we all know that one of the most visited commercial spaces to furnish a house is that Swedish company where you can eat very tasty and cheap hot dogs.

In detail and with quality

As I told you at the beginning, this software is not exactly for everyone. It requires some study and habituation. It’s also not an AutoCAD, impossible to work with for those who don’t have in-depth training.

If you are really interested in this area, whether for semi-professional purposes, to be able to create a vision for yourself that you will later present to an architect or an interior decorator, or even just for fun, then this is the right program.

You go where you want to go. You can, from choosing all construction materials with precise and exact measurements (wall plaster, type of bricks, floor elevation, etc. of the House.

Live Home 3D is indeed a high quality app, equipped with tools, features and complexity accessible to anyone who wants to dedicate some time to it. But even more: it is connected with the real world. What you see there is tangible and it is known that it is close to what exists in stores, allowing you to study in detail what is intended in such an important project as the creation of a house.

And, for all this, I think it’s safe to say that Live Home 3D , with some work and dedication, can democratize access to those who don’t have so many means to call a professional right away.

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