Art Text 4: A typography playground for creatives

An app that provides endless creative possibilities and unique tools for designers, content creators, or typography enthusiasts.

Whether you are a graphic designer, artist, or simply someone fascinated by the world of letters, lettering and typography, the Art Text 4 app promises to keep you entertained for a long time with its infinite possibilities of creation.

Released in 2020 by BeLight Software, Art Text 4 has a vast collection of templates, mockups, graphic effects, and so many other features, so that your imagination doesn’t get in the way, giving you the possibility to finish your designs in a relatively short time. in a visually stimulating way.

Here are some of the main elements that this app brings us:

  1. 2D Lettering/Typography
  2. Varied distortion effects
  3. 3D Lettering/Typography
  4. Facebook 3D Photos
  5. spray fill
  6. 400+ templates available (almost 200 are free)
  7. Vast catalog of textures and patterns, and ease of editing

2D still matters!

The 2D tool, or more specifically, the flat lettering and distortions tools are the simplest proposals that Art Text offers, but they are nonetheless less engaging or limit our composition possibilities.

Within the templates available, we have a variety of textures and backgrounds that allow us to explore the color and shape of words, giving them more youthful, minimal, or vintage connotations. Here the main attraction is the range of options we have and we can choose for the background or even the chosen font.

With the Distortions category, we have a few more alternatives to explore, a little more interactive and satisfying to our vision. It is possible to edit more fields such as scale, distortion, angles and details that change in real time before our eyes (this is the satisfying part, while playing and experimenting with the possibilities of the tools).

3D and the return of WordArt?

Entering the world of 3D lettering and typography, Art Text offers more daring templates than those previously seen in the 2D categories, some of which have a lot of potential and are very fun, others that may remind us a bit of a nostalgic feeling, reminding us of the famous WordArt with some effects that look a little more “early 2000s”.

However, this tool is very customizable, allowing you to choose the position of the letters, the realistic texture qb, the thickness of the same, the perspective, brightness, shadow or points of light.

If in some templates we can have words that look like a cake, cheese, ice, or stone, on the other hand we also have simpler options: 3D letters in a simplified way, which we can edit, once again, the light, shadows, extrusion depth, using basic gradients, or assigning a material to the word such as metal or wood.

I believe that, in these simpler ways, this tool becomes more versatile for those looking for a more minimalist 3D effect.

This Art Text category also allows you to export compositions to social networks that recognize 3D photographs, such as Facebook.

The Amazing World of Spray Fill

This is definitely the jewel in the crown of Art Text 4 . In addition to the 3D text option, the Spray fill option brings an authentic playground, where we can play and work our imagination. Essentially, what makes this tool the most fun of all, is that we can fill our selected font with the most diverse objects: coffee beans, leaves, legos, balloons, among other possibilities.

In this way, we are creating some composition while we are being visually stimulated — objects fill the letters as we change density, size, angle, position, or even color, changing before our eyes, thus making it fun to use. of this technique and the creative process in general.

More than just a working or editing tool, with this feature Art Text 4 it raises your catalog of choices, becoming not only an app for creating posts, logos, or lettering compositions, but also an app where you can just play and explore your creativity and imagination.

Export and use in other apps

In this aspect, the app is still, in a way, very primary. When completing a project, it is possible to choose JPG, PNG, PDF, TIFF, GIF or EPS as the format for export, the latter of which opens up some possibilities with Adobe Illustrator, but fails in the fact that it is not possible to export directly in PSD format.

Another possibility with great potential, and which unfortunately is not possible, is the interaction between drawing or lettering apps, being able to export a composition previously made in Procreate, for example, and enjoy the effects that are available in Art Text .


The Art Text 4 app is available for purchase directly from the BeLight Software website or the App Store . The price is €29.99, with a free trial available. After paying, you can buy more templates available in the app or even upgrade, which costs €19.99.

Essentially fun.

Art Text 4 is an excellent app to give space to your ideas and compositions in a fun and creative way, with fast results (choosing a template, in a short time we can have a final piece). It is ideal for graphic designers, artists, or even for beginners and the curious. It allows you to easily create logos for those who want to venture into this field, including creating posts and images for social networks in general.

It fails in some aspects, such as the formats to which the final compositions can be exported, the interaction with other lettering and typography apps, the lack of CMYK color channels, or the outdated 3D effects (although it is one of the most interesting tools, some of the effects look a little dated).

But overall, Art Text 4 is a well-built, fun and easy-to-use app. The options it offers us are fun and stimulating, bringing endless possibilities for creation, limited only by the imagination of each one of us.

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