Amadine: Paradise of vector drawing

This app is the perfect solution for all designers and vector drawing artists to reproduce their creative ideas in an uncomplicated and effective way. And you can have it either on your Mac, iPhone or iPad!

Amadine ‘s premise is very simple: intuitive and easy-to-use tools to transfer the ideas that boil in that imagination to vector drawing. Launched in 2019, its main objective was to become an alternative to apps and programs of the same nature, and it did so, not only being available for Mac, but also for your iPad and iPhone!

Amadine has all the tools in place so that we can execute our projects in vector design intuitively, clearly and straight to the point — if you’ve already found yourself overwhelmed with the amount of tools and actions that a program or app can offer, then Here is the alternative you were looking for.

The main features of Amadine are as follows:

  • Vector art with infinite possibilities;
  • Fully editable strokes and thicknesses;
  • Effects (Interior, exterior glow, shadow, blur, among other effects);
  • Wacom compatible, being sensitive to pen pressure while drawing;
  • Lettering and Typography Tools;
  • Ease of embedding images within shapes;
  • Library with icons, elements and ready to use.

The Adobe Illustrator replacement?

As artists or designers who use different drawing/illustration programs to execute our ideas, as soon as we open Amadine to get to work, we are faced with a scenario that is already familiar to us: a structure very similar to that of Adobe Illustrator, but with much less directly at our disposal. But beware, in this case it is not at all a disadvantage!

The tools, icons and actions are presented in a simplified and transparent way, meeting the promise made by the creators: everything you need is at your disposal to make your work faster and more efficient. Developed with precision and focus on user needs, we have everything needed to create art, icons, flyers, brochures, infographics and logos.

In the case of graphic designers or lettering artists, who work essentially with Illustrator, Amadine is an accessible version, thus making its first use a very fluid experience — in the first moments of contact with the application, I designed and edited the letter L in cursive style, that I was able to both change its shape and choose different thicknesses for the line, something that is not possible to do easily or with such dexterity in Illustrator.

While we draw the most varied strokes, we can completely edit its curvature, in the same way that we have a special tool to edit the thickness of our stroke at the exact points along the drawn line, a great advantage for type designers or lettering artists.

The magic of vectors on your iPhone or iPad!

The bet on the launch of the app for iOS and iPadOS is one of the reasons that Amadine stands out over the remaining alternatives and direct competition.

If there is currently a limited offer of apps of this nature for iPhone or iPad, which contain tools to perform the type of work and rigor that vector drawing requires, these same applications are dominated by the complexity of tools and actions that make the execution of a work something more time consuming and in need of more in-depth learning. Or, on the contrary, they may have few options for our needs.

Amadine is the perfect balance between the two: it has the essential instruments and everything is unquestionably elementary, in a very positive way.

Its interface in the iPad application is thought out in detail and combines program tools that we are already used to using in our creative work, making it easy to start using it. The fact that it is not necessary to adapt and learn new gestures as it is a new program shows, once again, its excellent interface design.

Like programs like Procreate, the app is compatible with the first and second generation Apple Pencil, thus facilitating a freer stroke, being also sensitive to the pressure exerted, allowing you to explore the different brushes and create strokes of different thicknesses.

BeLight Software wanted to go a little further and complement the launch of Amadine by also making the application available for iPhone.

In this version, like the iPad, the shortcuts and gestures have been meticulously designed, simplifying the gestures and tools of Illustrator and Procreate in a perfect fusion, making their use equally accessible and natural.

It’s an interesting option, unusual for this type of programs or apps — which is natural, the iPhone isn’t necessarily the ideal size that artists or designers are used to working with — but it’s an idea with the potential to make sure you don’t miss out. to execute your ideas and sketches in a faster context.

Amadine is your blank canvas

Promises were made and promises were kept. Amadine is a strong bet in the world of vector art and drawing programs and stands out positively in a range of options that, on numerous occasions, turn out to be intimidating and confusing to use.

Whether you work with the iPad or prefer to use the Mac, this is the app you needed to put your ideas into practice in an uncomplicated and fast way.


Amadine is available for purchase on the BeLight Software website , but also on the Mac App Store (Mac version of the program) and the App Store (iOS/iPadOS app) . For purchase you have two versions, the Mac version costs €29.99 (one-time purchase). The iOS/iPadOS app is free, however you may have to subscribe to a subscription as there are limitations on the sharing and exporting options in the free version. The monthly subscription for the iOS/iPadOS app costs €3.49, the annual subscription for €11.49 and the one-time purchase for the same €29.99 for the Mac program.

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